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Continuously seeking for perfection in your race wheels

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What is it that drives us into doing things like building a bicycle wheel, a carbon fiber bicycle wheel, for all sake!! 

Especially in the cycling world we live in, where there are so many manufacturers, so many brands, so many wheels... 


Crazy wheels for crazy riders,

Yeah... is that the reason why we build the wheels?

Or do we want to develop and build a great wheelset that reacts perfect to the riders demands and skills. 


But how do we end up with these awsome wheels??? 

Other then some other wheels builders we don't want to build wheels with the common hubs, rims or spokes.


We keep on developing our products, keep on looking to improve them with the latest technologies or stick to reliable and durable products. it's all about making the right choices!  

We also try to keep a close and open contact with our test riders (that must be the hardest part of the job) . With providing them our latest products for severe testing we create a clear insight how this product reacts to their "so called" riding skills. When they are done abusing the wheel and we a tired to listen to their braging stories about it, the product will be be given the Blisk approval stamp... and will be ready for You! 

To our opinion that's the only way that makes a product perfect!

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Build with passion,
Ride With flair ...


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If you have a question, a remark, anything...

Please feel free to contact us by sending a message in form on the left. 

Many thanks, 

The Blisk Team.

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