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Here you will find a sum-up of all our products

ALWAYS UNDER IMPROVEMENT  - Just as Your new wheelset ;-) 

All our Wheels go through a severe quality check. 

Every wheel is build with "in House" and by hand with Pillar "Wing" spokes & Nipples. 

Depending on the requirements of the customer custom-build wheels can be composed with other products, but only Blisk Approved parts! 


Mountainbike Wheelzzz

3 different types of rims available 

27 - 30 and 35 mm inner width

Always with Pillar wing spokes

Choices between hubs.

- Blisk M1 & M2 (Choice of the builder) 

- DT swiss

- ...

Gravel wheelzz

As Gravel is the new Gravel again choices to be made. 

Rim hight 45 mm 

Rim wifth 22-25 inner


- Blisk G1(choice off the builder) 

- Hope RS4 - PRO5


Road Wheelz

Road race requires only the fastest, aerodynamic and best...

Rims Hookless or clincher

Inner width 18- 22mm

Height 38 - 45 -50mm


- Blisk R1 & R2 (Choice of the builder)

- Hope RS4 - PRO5 

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