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Anker 1

Shipping can be done all over Europe. 

Shipping costs can be different from country to country, all shipping will be done with our Partner UPS or DPD, because we can rely on them for good quality shipping. So common UPS or DPD prices will be applicable and can be requested. 


In case of a damaged product arrives at your home, please spank the delivery guy! And then contact our sales department don't sent them a dirty mail, but just a mail with explanations and including pictures of arrival and with the delivery note attached, and we will replace the product with a new one.

Don't try to fool us... no signs of use or abuse may be visible!



If you really do not like the product? 

Then there must be something wrong with you :-) 

Sorry, but once the product has been used we cannot take them back.

If it hasn't been used, we can refund you after a severe inspection of our engineer to make sure it has really not been used! Then a full refund will be done! except for the shipping costs off course.. duhh!  

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