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The range of the Mountainbike wheelzzz

Since 29" is the standard on Mtb wheels, only 29" wheels are shown in this page. 

other models are available "on demand" such as 27.5" or other. 

Different models of rims can be combined with several hubs. therefore we will show the products separately. 


XC Racing wheelzzz

The BM-927 is a lightweight yet very sold and durable rim. 

This is the mostly sold rim in our range, due to its versatility it can be used in the fast and technical XC races, or the long Mountain marathons. 

Build out of the Toray T700 & T800 premium carbon 

Rim 330 gr +/-15gr

complete set +/-1330 gr (builders choice)

Weight limit  - 90kg

CX - Marathon - Beach Racing wheelzzz

The BM-930 is also lightweight yet very sold and durable rim. 

This rim is future ... This new wider cross country Marathon/Beach 29er carbon Mtb rim is light, stiff, responsive.

This wheelset is so diverse that it can be used for many purposes. 

It's a good choice for building a lightweight 29 inch carbon wheelset to go fast.

Rim 350gr +/-15gr

Complete set +/-1350-1370gr (builders choice)

It is also build out of Toray T700& T800 carbon

Weight Limit -  100kg

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